Fluoride Treatments: How They Benefit Everyone

Fluoride is a natural mineral that encourages healthy teeth.  It is also vital in preventing cavities.  It is found in rocks, soil, and water and it is the 13th most abundant element in the earth’s crust.  And, while many of us associate fluoride treatments as something for children, people of all ages benefit from them.

fluorideMunicipalities across America add fluoride to the public water supply based on CDC recommendations.  Fluoride reduces tooth decay by up to 25 percent.  The benefits of fluoride have resulted in adding it to toothpaste, mouthwashes, and, not surprisingly, some bottled water.  The amount of fluoride added is carefully regulated and do not pose any health risk.

Of course, you can also opt to have a fluoride treatment done by your dentist.  Myshin, Kravitz & Miller applies fluoride to our patients of all ages.  Applying fluoride as part of your regular visit only takes a few minutes.  Be sure to let your dental hygienist know if you are interested in receiving fluoride treatments.

Benefits for Everyone: Why Get Fluoride Treatments?

1. Anyone who is at a high risk for cavities can have a fluoride treatment applied.  Yes, everyone can get cavities, but some individuals are at special risk.  These groups include both children and elderly people, as well as some people with special needs.

2. Certain dental conditions that lead to additional dental and body health problems can be prevented with frequent fluoride treatments.  These include people with dry mouth conditions (often caused by consistent use of allergy meds, blood pressure drugs, and antianxiety meds); gum disease; those with crowns, bridges, or braces; and a predisposition to cavities due to genetics.

3. Professionally applied fluoride treatments are mixed to a specific potency based on a number of dental studies.   The amount used is completely safe for frequent application. It is typically covered by insurance for children but may not be for adults.  However, it is a relatively low-cost procedure that potentially saves a great deal of money in the long run. After, all it costs less to pay for a fluoride treatment than to pay for a filling!

4. Regular fluoride treatments slow the growth of bacteria thus preventing tooth pain and premature loss of teeth.

5. Fluoride helps the body to better use calcium and phosphate, crucial minerals needed by teeth to repair weak tooth enamel.  Stronger tooth enamel results in fewer cavities.  Other benefits include children keeping their baby teeth longer and less need for expensive dental work or lengthy dental visits.

Fluoride is an important element in ensuring you have a healthy smile that makes you happy.  Talk to a Myshin, Kravitz & Miller dentist today.